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As first time parents we needed the best start to our new roles, particularly with twins.

Joanna at Babysteps To Parenting was extremely perceptive of our needs, identifying with our concerns as new parents and quickly understanding the needs of our babies. Together we established a sensible routine for the babies that suited all of us. Working with the Babysteps approach I gained confidence to get out and about, starting with the basics (from putting up a double pushchair to feeding both girls simultaneously when I was out), established contact with new mums and gradually found confidence. We are immensely grateful to Joanna/Babysteps for all of the help we received - a true asset!

Naomi, Solihull

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All babies, start off making the same hard consonant noises such as "da da da", no matter what language their parents speak....

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"I called Babysteps To Parenting when my baby was 10 weeks old. I was having trouble with his day naps which were, in turn, affecting his night time sleep."

"As first time parents we needed the best start to our new roles, particularly with twins"

"Babysteps is a bountiful resource for all things baby-related and helped shape my husband and me into more confident first-time parents."
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Angela and Joanna are leading experts in the care and development of babies from birth to 12 months. They are both NNEB qualified and together have over 45 years experience working in a range of settings and with hundreds of families worldwide. Read More

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