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Easy access to expert consultation

We know what a huge difference it can make having access to a trusted expert when you are struggling with a problem. That's why we've established our Consultation packages so you can easily gain the support and information you need from a dedicated consultant.

Flexible support tailored to your needs

At Babysteps we aim to provide responsive, professional help, appropriate to you, and the developmental needs of your baby. We've designed our consultation packages to offer a range of flexible support, which you can select from dependent on your needs.

All our consultation packages include a home visit, telephone, email support and for our ten and twenty four hour consultations access to our online resources.

  • Two hour consultation package
    • General package
      A two hour home visit offering general advice and guidance on any issue you may have, with an opportunity to ask questions and learn our top tips.
    • Pre birth package As above with a focus on advice for getting ready for your new arrival, general baby care, setting up a nursery, equipment etc.
    • Group session package Invite other mothers you know to your home and choose a specific topic such as feeding, sleep routines or weaning, or have a general Q&A session.
  • Ten hour consultation package To help you tackle a specific issue in greater depth, set realistic goals for you and your baby and take you through the techniques to meet them. An additional 10 hours can be added if required.
  • Twenty four hour consultation package An extra level of support which will develop a clearer insight into your baby's behaviour, guide you and your baby through the actions you need to implement to address the issue(s), and build your confidence. An additional 24 hours can be added if required.
  • Skype consultation package is a practical solution for those who live more than a one hour commute from central London. It offers the same support as our two hour consultation package.

For more information and prices please contact us.

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"I called Babysteps To Parenting when my baby was 10 weeks old. I was having trouble with his day naps which were, in turn, affecting his night time sleep."

"As first time parents we needed the best start to our new roles, particularly with twins"

"Babysteps is a bountiful resource for all things baby-related and helped shape my husband and me into more confident first-time parents."
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The Babysteps consultants....

Angela and Joanna are leading experts in the care and development of babies from birth to 12 months. They are both NNEB qualified and together have over 45 years experience working in a range of settings and with hundreds of families worldwide. Read More

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