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The experts behind Babysteps

Angela Hilley and Joanna Collins are leading experts in the care and development of babies from birth to 12 months. They are both NNEB qualified and together have over 45 years experience working in a range of settings and with hundreds of families worldwide, specialising in the care of newborns, particularly twins and triplets.

As baby consultants we were both concerned about the lack of personal support for new parents, especially those with twins and triplets. We could see that many new parents, with demanding family and working lives faced difficulties in their baby's first year and this led us to create Babysteps to Parenting.

Angela & Joanna

Working to develop genuinely responsive support

For Angela and Joanna, it is essential that Babysteps provides advice and support which is tailored to each individual, responsive to each baby's needs and mindful of family circumstances. Their experience working worldwide, and with international families here in the UK, gave them an insight into many cultural childcare practices and led them to develop support that is genuinely respectful of personal, lifestyle, and cultural preferences.

With over 20 years experience in child development and education, I've found parents regularly asking for support for short periods - to help them make adjustments to their baby's routine, or to tackle specific problems. I realised there was a need for a support service that could do just that, and most importantly one which would build parents confidence to carry on once that support had come to an end.

So together with Joanna, I developed Babysteps to Parenting - to support parents step-by-step through each stage of development until their baby's first steps at approx 12 months old. I'm delighted we are now able to provide a really comprehensive support service that's helping parents across London and beyond.

Angela Hilley

Working as a nanny, particularly with newborns, twins and triplets, and then as a maternity nurse, I realised that what parents really value is the direct, personal support of a trusted professional. That's why Angela and I decided that Babysteps should offer a dedicated consultant to support each family and who would develop a real understanding of what they and their baby needed.

But we also realised that modern parents need modern tools, so we've recently developed our online support tools that provide busy parents with effective, accessible resources which keep all the important information in one place. It means our advice is based on daily updated information on each baby we support, which helps to enhance the Babysteps service.

Joanna Collins

Keeping Up to date

Although Angela and Joanna have extensive experience and expertise, they continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Courses they have attended include:

  • C.I.M.I (Certified Infant Massage Instructor)
  • Breast Feeding Management (UNICEF)
  • Maternity Nurse Practitioner (MNT)
  • Sleep (MNT)
  • Care Of Multiples (MNT)
  • Post Natal Depression (MNT)

All Babysteps consultants are trained in First Aid and have the required C.R.B. (Criminal Record Bureau) Enhanced check.

Disclaimer: Please note that any advice given by Babysteps is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are concerned about your child's health, or development, please seek immediate medical advice via your GP, NHS 24 or nearest A&E department in the event of an emergency.

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"I called Babysteps To Parenting when my baby was 10 weeks old. I was having trouble with his day naps which were, in turn, affecting his night time sleep."

"As first time parents we needed the best start to our new roles, particularly with twins"

"Babysteps is a bountiful resource for all things baby-related and helped shape my husband and me into more confident first-time parents."
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The Babysteps consultants....

Angela and Joanna are leading experts in the care and development of babies from birth to 12 months. They are both NNEB qualified and together have over 45 years experience working in a range of settings and with hundreds of families worldwide. Read More

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